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The Championship Draft

The Championship Draft is the trophy awarded to the winning team of each season. It was designed by smurfinablender, who also creates a custom image for each team that wins it.


The following is a list of each team that has won the Championship Draft.

Season 1 []

ChampionshipDraft S1.png

Team: Mongooses

GM: Avaholic03

  • A33 (Assistant GM)
  • alexander27
  • AvaholicReborn
  • Trunkins
  • barmishmar

Season 2 []

ChampionshipDraft S2.png

Team: Pucktards

GM: hejdukrocks

  • cody275 (Assistant GM)
  • IceCold14 (Captain)
  • smurfinablender (Assistant Captain)
  • Archimedes
  • hockeykid8 [aka: PhoenixAvsFan] (traded from Prime#s, Week 8)
  • leaf_fan (traded from Prime#s, Week 8)
  • Danesakic

Season 3 []

ChampionshipDraft S3.png

Team: Internationals

GM: AvsJen

  • rusavsfan (Assistant GM)
  • klozge (Captain)
  • svatty (Asstaint Captain)
  • caw9000
  • Barney_Sumner [aka: stpatty; Javris]
  • punkdud13 (inactive)

Season 4 []