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Expasion referrs to the increase from four teams to six team between Season 3 and Season 4. The league added the Kripplers and Fighting Pineapples to the list of teams. In order to fill these teams, and expansion draft was necessary to allow the new teams to draft a few veteran players. The Draft Order also gave one pick each to the Mongooses and Pucktards since each lost a player (klozge and smurfinablender respectively) to becoming GMs of the new teams.

League expansion became necessary due to the influx of new players during the summer offseason before Season 4. The activity on the message boards increased in part due to the return to the more popular IPB software, as well as the success of the Colorado Avalanche in the 2009-10 NHL season. Mongooses GM A33 began recruiting several new players into the league. With about a month before the start of the NHL season, the BDL reached the critical mass for expansion. Even after expansion was announced, players continued to sign up and were placed in the free agent pool.

Expansion Process[]

  1. Current players were asked to volunteer if they were interested in being a GM of one of the expansion teams. Three names were in serious contention for the two GM spots. The teams were eventually awarded to klozge and smurfinablender. Former Prime#s GM JaymondFlurrie was the odd man out. Although he was promised priority for an expansion team, the decision was made that he hadn't been active enough over the summer offseason, and there were concerns that some hurt feelings could surface again from the bitter Prime#s-Beeters transition.
  2. Each of the Original 4 teams were allowed to protect up to 4 players (no more than $3.3M in salary for Season 4). The pool of draft eligible players would include any current player not protected by their team, along with the growing free agent pool. Some teams were forced to make a trade to get a better roster that they could protect.
  3. The draft order was established. The usual snake draft format was used. Both expansion teams (now called the Kripplers and Fighting Pineapples) were given 4 picks each to build a core of veteran players. The Pucktards and Mongooses each got a compensatory draft pick at the end of the expansion draft to make up for the fact that they each lost a player to becoming GM of an expansion team.
  4. At the end of the expansion draft, a free agent frenzy took place as teams looked to fill in the empty spots on their rosters by signing any undrafted free agents. The free agent signings continued until the start of Season 4. After the dust settled from expansion, the team rosters looked like this:
Brampton Beeters Fargo Fighting Pineapples Kelowna Kripplers Mongolia Mongooses Puckfield Pucktards The Internationals
sam333 (GM) smurfinablender (GM) klozge (GM) A33 (GM) hejdukrocks (GM) AvsJen (GM)
JaymondFlurrie (aGM) PhoenixAvsFan (C) Rob_Avs33 (C) InNet (aGM) cody275 (C) rusavsfan (aGM)
NazMo (C) DJ_Sonne (A) barmishmar (A) Colorado_Avs (C) IceCold14 (A) svatty (C)
monstersfan (A) leaf_fan Nayefj sephiroth1 (A) Archimedes Javris (A)
alexander27 caw9000 Sethro109 kragok00 chknptpie punkdud13
Lonewolfe2015 Ignatious_Bonferior kid_line PHIN Anemic_Royaltea drop_the_gloves
Avs_Fan_Geoff HockeyAvs23 Polishavsfan8 BelfastSpartan NHAvsfan Warx
kylekisel Aldogg Drizzt1 AlwaysCheddar