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Current Pineapples Logo

The Fargo Fighting Pineapples are a BDL team hailing from Fargo, ND. They were originally one of the teams involved in the Trial Season under the direction of GM HawaiiAvsFan. However, after that season, HawaiiAvsFan retired from the game and the Pineapples were disbanded when the league reset. It wasn't until the league expansion prior to Season 4 that the Pineapples were resurrected under the name Fargo Fighting Pineapples with smurfinablender as GM.

Team Founding[]

The Fighting Pineapples had the 1st overall pick in the Original Draft. They selected the following eight players:

  1. InNet (1st overall)
  2. smurfinablender (10th overall)
  3. rusavsfan (11th overall)
  4. drivertdh (20th overall)
  5. Muffin-1 (21st overall)
  6. Sufa (30th overall)
  7. MikeyBroomers (31st overall)
  8. 94ryansmyth (40th overall)

Trial Season[]

The Fighting Pineapples enjoyed a strong performance in the Trial Season. They finished 3-1-0, for 9 points, and good enough for 2nd place in the league. They had some trouble with inactive players and late picks, but in general they had good team participation and GM HawaiiAvsFan was able to recruit monstersfan and PHIN to replace some of the less active players. Monstersfan ended up being the highest scoring player in the Trial Season.

Because of the widespead inactivity in the league following the board transition, the league was forced to reset. HawaiiAvsFan decided not to sign up for the new version of the game, and the Pineapples were disbanded.


As a result of expansion, the BDL introduced two new teams prior to the start of Season 4. The Fighting Pineapples were resurrected by new GM smurfinablender, who was a member of the original Fighting Pineapples team during the Trial Season. The other expansion team was the Kripplers. The expansion draft took place during the offseason between Season 3 and Season 4. In that draft, the Fighting Pineapples selected:

  1. PhoenixAvsFan (1st overall)
  2. caw9000 (4th overall)
  3. leaf_fan (5th overall)
  4. Ignatious_Bonferior (8th overall)

To round out the roster, the Pineapples signed rookie free agents DJ_Sonne, HockeyAvs23 and Aldogg after the draft ended. Going into Season 4, they had a full roster, plus three extra players.

Season 4[]

Season 4 begins October 7, 2010.

Other Information[]

  • Old Fighting Pineapples Logo

    During the Trial Season, the Fighting Pineapples became the first team to establish a logo and image. The signature (seen at right) was designed by smurfinablender, who eventually revived the team during league expansion and updated the image to its current state..