klozge joined the BDL after the league reset and works as the GM of the Kelowna Kripplers. His jersey number is 37 in honor of Ryan O'Reilly of the Colorado Avalanche.

klozge was drafted by the Internationals in the fifth round (17th overall) in the draft after the league reset. He won the Calder Trophy as one of the Rookies Of The Season in Season 1 and became Captain of the Internationals in Season 2. In Season 3 which had the Internationals breaking several records and winning the Championship Draft he was awarded with the O'Reilly Trophy as one of the Most Underrated Players Of the Season. He also designed the first logo and the first jersey of the Internationals which were replaced very soon but started a trend in the BDL. Because he had the time and absolutely no life (just kidding) he also invented the Goat Train (see picture on the right) and has made it a habit to post pictures attempting to boost the moral of his teammates and to ruin the confidence of his teams' opponents.

After three seasons with the Internationals he successfully requested to be traded to the arch rivals of his team: the Mongooses. He became the Alternate Captain of the Geese and started to emphasize the evil image of the team by creating and posting pictures of zombies, orcs and Mordor (Lord Of The Rings) related pictures supporting his trash talk. He was made the Assistant GM of the team a little later but only stayed for the off-season and took the chance to build one of the two expansion teams prior to Season 4.

This team is called the Kelowna Kripplers. As the GM of the organisation he drafted and signed a mixture of experienced veterans and promising rookies. His intention was (and is) to build a team which is able to contend for the Championship Draft as early as in the first season of its existence and also is very vocal and somewhat annoying in the eyes of the opponents. He uses pictures of comic monsters in his trash talk and for the signatures of the team (see picture on the right) to build an image of being evil as but more modern and energetic than the Mongooses.

In Season 5 he retired as the GM. He's still playing for the Kripplers and is the reigning Podein Trophy winner for having proved he had absolutely no real life in Season 4.

klozge is also responsible for "The Komplete Krippler", the official newspaper of the Kripplers. He also is the first player who has been Captain, Alternate Captain, GM and Assistant GM in his career.
Sig alternate klozge

klozge's signature for season 4

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