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BDL team

Kelowna Kripplers

Former team(s)

Mongolia Mongooses

BDL Draft

7th overall, Expansion Draft

Draft team

Kelowna Kripplers

Playing career


NayefJ (Arabic: نايف ج pronounced Naa-yif jeem) is a BDL player from Saudi Arabia currently with the Kelowna Kripplers organization. He was drafted 7th overall following a stint with the Mongolia Mongooses where he was signed as a free agent in Season 3.

Season 3[]

NayefJ signed with the Mongooses after being solicited by Geese GM A33. He spent the season warming up and getting to know the tricks of the trade. On that rookie year of his, he along with his teammates won the Olympics week. He ended the season with 114 goals.


NayefJ begged Beeters GM sam333 to join her team after he couldn't cope with participating in the horrors that took place within the Van. He was a Beeter for a while until the expansion draft took place were he was expected to be picked up within the bottom 5.

Season 4[]

He was drafted 7th overall by the Kripplers, his current team. Later on in the season he signed a contract extension offered by GM klozge.

Career Statistics[]

The numbers below represent the total number of goals per season:

B = Benched pick.

Season/Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Total
3 (Team/B) 19 (WSH) 10 (SJS) 7 (SJS) 18 (CHI) 13 (WSH) 13 (WSH) 7 (B) 11 (B) 16 (PIT) 114
4 (Team/B) 7 (BUF) 9 (CHI) 12 (LAK) 16 (VAN) 9 (TBL) 7 (VAN) 12 (WSH) 6 (WSH) 10 (ATL) 20 (COL) 15 (PIT) 9 (SJS) 14 (CHI)


5 (Team/B) 18 (PHI) 14 (PHI) 2 (BOS) 10 (PIT) 9 (CAR) 14 (VAN) 5 (NSH) 8 (VAN) 80
Career Points 393