Board Draft League Wiki

The league reset took place after the Trial Season, before Season 1 could begin. The reset was in response to the nearly 50% inactivity rate among players in the Trial Season. This level of inactivity was partly due to the fact that the message board transition took place before any games could be played. Many of the players who signed up for the original draft never came around after the boards transitioned to the much less user-friendly kickapps software. Another factor was the fact that the Trial Season took place during the summer, so the only sport to realistically follow was baseball. The fact that there were five teams in the BDL caused some inactivity since each week, one of the teams would have a bye where they would not pick. It was very common for inactivity to increase for teams coming out of a bye week. Finally, some of the rules prohibiting people from picking the same team as one of their teammmates were determined to be detrimental to the game.

Instead of trying to save the original teams from the Trial Season, the league decided to completely restart the game. Players were asked to sign up again. This time, only four teams were used so that there were no bye weeks. Some of the rules were changed so that any player could pick any team each week. But the most important change was that the hockey season was starting up, and by following the NHL exclusively the game was more familiar and accessible to more players.

Four people were chosen to be the GMs of the four teams. Hejdukrocks returned to bring back the Pucktards franchise, which was the most successful team in the Trial Season. AvsJen returned as well, this time naming her team the Internationals. Commissioner Avaholic03 took on the extra role of GM to create the Mongooses, which went on to win the Championship Draft in Season 1. The final team was under the control of JaymondFlurrie, and they were named the Prime#s.

The league reset turned out to be an overwhelmingly positive and necessary step to creating a successful league. Inactivity dropped to just 5% in Season 1, and the league began to attract a few new players as well. Each subsequent season saw an improvement in the activity and depth of the game. Logos and jerseys were introduced. Trash talking and teamwork improved. Eventually, the league even grew to the point of expansion. Without the reset, it's safe to assume that the BDL would have been abandoned long ago.