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[[File:Placeholder|right|300px]]Season 4 was the first season of the BDL after league [[expansion]].
[[File:Playoffs.jpg|frame|Season 4 Playoffs Results]]Season 4 was the first season of the BDL after league [[expansion]]. Due to the large influx of new players, a preseason week was schedule for the partial week between opening night for the NHL (October 7, 2010) and the beginning of the BDL regular season (October 11). In addition to the abbreviated preseason week, Season 4 also included the first ever playoff week, schedule to take place between January 3 - 9, 2011. This one week playoff will pit the newly-created divisions against each other to determine who wins the [[Championship Draft]]. Immediately following the playoff week, [[Season 5]] will begin on January 10.
[[File:Standings.jpg|frame|Season 4 Standings]]
<u>'''Top Scorers'''</u>
'''1. caw9000(Beeters) - 178 Points'''
'''2. DJ_Sonne(Pineaples) - 177 Points'''
'''3. sephiroth1(Mongooses) - 173 Points'''

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