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Team AvsJen was orginally founded before the Trial Season began. The team was disbanded after the season due to the league reset. However, AvsJen returned after the reset to found the Internationals, which is considered the spiritual successors to Team AvsJen.

Team Founding[]

Team AvsJen had the 2nd overall pick in the Original Draft. They selected the following eight players:

  1. stpatty (2nd overall) [aka: Barney_Sumner; Javris]
  2. JaymondFlurrie (9th overall)
  3. NazMo (12th overall)
  4. Lonewolfe2015 (19th overall)
  5. hockeykid8 (22nd overall) [aka: PhoenixAvsFan]
  6. Jordo (29th overall)
  7. tballz-ca1 (32nd overall)
  8. Andru (39th overall)

Trial Season[]

Team AvsJen was moderately successful in the Trial Season. Like other teams, they struggled with inactivity which cost them in the standings. They finished the season 2-2-0, which was good enough for 3rd place overall. By the end of the season they were arguably the 2nd best team in the league, but that wasn't until Week 2 when they dropped a couple inactive players in favor of svatty and Danesakic, two players who would remain active through the reset and into Season 1.

Because of the widespead inactivity in the league following the board transition, the league was forced to reset. GM AvsJen returned as GM after the reset, creating the Internationals franchise.