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Team BlueAndBurgundy26 was orginally founded before the Trial Season began. The team was disbanded after the season due to the league reset. The team epitomised the league's struggles with inactivity throughout the Trial Season. No members of the team (including GM BlueAndBurgundy26) returned after the reset. It wasn't until Polishavsfan8 re-joined the game prior to Season 4 that any ties to the team could be found.

Team Founding[]

Team BlueAndBurgundy26 had the 5th overall pick in the Original Draft. They selected the following eight players:

  1. AsmodeanReborn (5th overall)
  2. SkittlesNL (6th overall)
  3. Small but Slow (15th overall)
  4. avs-and-flyers (16th overall)
  5. Joe_Sakic13 (25th overall)
  6. Theavsfan (26th overall)
  7. Polishavsfan8 (35th overall)
  8. 60 (36th overall)

Trial Season[]

The Trial Season was a complete failure for Team BlueAndBurgundy26. The team averaged fewer than 2 picks per week, and most players never participated at all. They finished last in the league, with a 0-4-0 record and a -415 score differential. Without any members of the team returning after the league reset, the team was completely abandoned. It remains the only team in BDL history to completely disappear, and BlueAndBurgundy26 joins HawaiiAvsFan of the Fighting Pineapples as the only GMs to ever leave the game.