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Team sam333 was orginally founded before the Trial Season began. The team was disbanded after the season due to the league reset. After Season 2, sam333 returned to the role of GM, taking over control of the Prime#s and re-naming the team the Beeters. However, the Beeters are not considered part of the Team sam333 franchise because of the discontinutity of ownership during the first two seasons after the league reset.

Team Founding[]

Team sam333 had the 4th overall pick in the Original Draft. They selected the following eight players:

  1. Ignatious_Bonferior (4th overall)
  2. OUPOS (7th overall)
  3. leaf_fan (14th overall)
  4. Bob_Avs33 (17th overall) [aka: Rob_Avs33]
  5. TheNextRoy (24th overall)
  6. grimreaper (27th overall)
  7. JS_19_91 (34th overall)
  8. Johl91 (37th overall)

Trial Season[]

Team sam333 struggled throughout the Trial Season. They faced widespread inactivity among nearly half the team, and their position in the standings reflected that. They finished the season 1-3-0, which was good enough for 4rd place overall. By the end of the season they were only making two or three picks per week, and their only win came in the lowest-scoring matchup in the history of the Trial Season, winning 57-0 against the completely inactive Team BlueAndBurgundy26.

Because of the widespead inactivity in the league following the board transition, the league was forced to reset. GM sam333 returned to the league as a player in the Prime#s franchise, before rising to the position of GM at the end of Season 2 and re-branding the team as the Beeters.